Saturday, October 31, 2009

My nail polish hurts

I got red nail polish on my laptop.


Should I try and get it off with nail polish remover?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thinking out louder than some shameless self promotion

Olah! Pleasing times?...I think so!

Friday, October 23, 2009

new track, as promised...

apparently making public deadlines works a treat. have just finished the demo for another track. we recorded this one way back and then decided we didn't like it. and then decided we did like it again. so now the four of you that check this blog can rest easy. phew.

we're going to change some vocals when "rach hell" is back in town, but here's a little taste for you. it will probably sound similar to this, but words and vocal melodies may be a tad different.

this is the best mixed of our tracks yet. i'm going to spend the coming week re-mixing our old ones, so check back and listen to the new and improved versions. especially 'clicks' - fuck knows what's going on at the end there. it kind of sounds like someone took a dictaphone into the beat and tacked it onto the end of their song. damn.

anyway, all will be fixed soon. we have other tracks in the works too, some of which our own singer has not yet heard. they are fresssssh

until then, enjoy this new track.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Ticky-Track by the end of the week

Get excited.

We've been working on a bunch of new tracks and will hopefully have one up by Friday.

In the meantime don't forget to follow us on Twitter and check out ye old myspace.

We got this social networking shiz down, yo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

thinking out louder than a silent 'toot'

This week I was approached by a prawn that was confused about the legality of marrying outside of his prawn race. He was concerned that his fellow prawns would look down on a choice to marry outside his designated prawniety (prawn talk for flock/society).

Though I am usually quite the expert on crustation law, I must confess that I was momentarily stumped by this prawn’s query. 

Thus, I decided to approach an expertรด (expert expert) on the subject.

Mr Lynch is an acclaimed prawn lawyer, with high profile experience representing  “The Artist” formerly known as PRAWN, and popular celebrity chef Prawnie Oliver.  When queried on the subject he responded with:

“King prawns would only ever marry Queen Prawns. If they married other King Prawns that would be gay*. They’d be faggot* prawns.  Tiger prawns would marry whoever they want…they’re tigers. So yes, I think there would be prawn liaisons outside the boundaries of decency. Like an inter-racial couple…only under the sea.”

Mr Lynch’s contribution to the discourse provides a distinct understanding of prawn marital law and most importantly, assisted the aforementioned prawn greatly in his pursuit to marry the prawn of his choosing.



*those sticks you use to make a fire…close friend to kindling

Friday, October 9, 2009

songs are up. mission is successful.

so turns out i am something of a genius and managed to get all three songs online, thus fulfilling the promise i made earlier this week. they're a bit rough, in fact i've already changed the mix of one of them and am likely to do the same to the others. still, i would have fulfilled all contractual obligations had i actually been contractually bound (and assuming there was no stipulation re: the actual quality of the mixes).

at times i doubted whether it would happen - most of the time in fact. but here we are, with three ticky-tak demos currently being premiered on our myspace.

head over there now and check out some ticky-tracks. then come back and comment and let us know if you agree with jesus.

check back later for download details. we are socialists and hope to distribute our wares to our comrades free of charge in the near future.

some sad news

due to a certain 'hey hey, it's saturday' sketch blatantly stealing our idea, we regret to inform you that our upcoming 'national minstrel show spectacular' has been canceled.

we will update you re: our new tour idea - ms wong's super happy lucky show.

incidentally, if anyone needs four litres of black face paint, please comment below.

ticky-tak's management

Ghost Organ Update!

After serious investigation (and hilarious high jinks) from Scooby and the Gang, Ghost Organ was identified and forcibly removed from Bunnies.

Mystery Creek Mountain is safe once more.

Thanks Scoob.

thinking out louder than my rape alarm‏

The Sea Cow. 
Wow, I'm flattered.
I hope to think that I, at least, have better hair...
Do you think he could ever clap his hands together?
Imagine if his face got relocated to be on his stomach...he'd look like a sea lemon...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

thinking out louder than an internal prayer for extra salt on one's chips

Today I had a heated discussion with someone about ticky-tak's non-appeal to Christian groups. This person claimed that we would just 'not be what their sector was looking for'. I have evidence to suggest otherwise (see above).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ghost organ!

i'm trying to mix our songs and there is a mystery organ floating around in the background that i cannot locate! it's lost amongst the 96 -yes, 96! - tracks in the arrange window. this is what i get for not naming my tracks properly - ahh, digital entropy coming back for sweet, frustrating revenge. also, a quick scan suggests that well over 50 of the aforementioned tracks are muted ie. abandoned ideas.

and yet the ghost organ is still playing in the background.

the only logical conclusion is that either logic or my laptop are haunted. if you have an old priest and a young priest to spare it would be most appreciated, and would definitely aid productivity.


so we've committed to uploading three tracks to our myspace this week. yes, that's right, three in one hit. is it too much? if you can't handle it, please let us know asap and we'll scale back production.

that said, three is a less-than-conservative number. there will be at least one - if not two - but i cannot guarantee three at this point in time. 'three' is reflective only of our intra-band commitment and we understandably commit at least 30% less to you, our unappreciated fans.

still, you should check out our myspace THIS FRIDAY for a PREMIERE ticky-tak track. and by 'premiere,' i mean 'premiere to everyone who hasn't been in my bedroom over the last six months and already been forced to listen to it.' but that's a fairly exclusive number. off the top of my head, i'd say the majority of the world does not fit into this category and thus should go and check it out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

thinking out louder than my dead cricket's breathing

(picture snappied by Rahool)
If there is one thing Ticky-Tak will not stand for it is Confetti-ism.  

No Confetti...what a pile of donkey shit. What is next? Segregated bathroom facilities: Confetti wee-wee's in one toilet room...and humans go in another? Or perhaps we'll start up an international Confetti campaign...a 'war on confetti' if you will, whereby all bits of Confetti seeking to fly overseas must undergo strict questioning, followed by a series of mild molestations from some overly excited sniffer dogs?

Ticky-Tak is not into this kind of zeno-confetti-phobic signage or mindset.  We like Confetti.  And you should too.

thinking out louder than a clock tick

(picture snappied by rahool)

I am currently considering something:  

If an exclamation mark is an upside down i, is a question mark (eg. ?)  an upside down, captain-hook-styled hook, hovering over a very miniature dwarf planet?
If this is indeed the case, does that mean we have to introduce galaxy-based/piratey laws into our grammar world? Though no precedent was set with the exclamation mark, it is felt that the question mark is quite a different kettle of fish. My good friend Terry informed me that the upside down i, or !, could never have posed the question of galaxy-based/pirate relations, as from the very onset the symbol was quite obviously identified as a small twig hovering over a beetles nostril (or a beetles nostril hovering over a twiglet if viewed the other way).

If galaxy based/piratey laws were introduced into our grammatical world, a great many things would  be affected.  In particular, all sentences that ended in a question mark would obviously have to begin with a definitive 'aghhhhrrr', whilst all words within the questiony montage would have to end in 'alaxy'.

For example, the statement: 
"How does you sensible dress shirt fit, sir?" would become: 
"Aghrrrrrrrr howalaxy doesalaxy youralaxy dressalaxy shirtalaxy fitalaxy, siralaxy?"

The exact date when such laws would be implemented into the grammatical/english speaking world remain hush-hush.  Most likely, they would coincide with the actual occurrence of 'dwarf planet/hook = ? theory' being proven....but lets face it, that could be any day now!

So start practicing your galaxy/piratey based talky stylings a.s.a.p. Start a facebook page to encourage others to do the same, or host a night where you swap favorite ways to say "aghhhrrr"! If you're feeling particularly advantageous start re-writing all the questions in your favorite novels to adhere to new galaxy policy.  Make sure you keep the changes documented in a scrap book to show friends when they come over (they also make a rad gift idea).

* * *

Aghrrr I'malaxy aalaxy bitalaxy ofalaxy aalaxy dickalaxy headalaxy, aren'talaxy Ialaxy?
Ticky-Tak Photo Shoot: the location was great (a bit cold) but really different.  Next time we may consider wearing shower caps so as to not get confetti in our hair...
Maddy and Matt get kissy...Rahool tests gravity.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Thinking out LOUDER than the sound a white out pen makes when it scratches over your mistakesies

A meditation with Rahool....

For maximum relaxational benefit, get a close relative, friend, acquaintance, suspiciously scented big issue merchant, or trained Ibis to read this to you...

Close your eyes...

You are walking along a beach and in the distance you see a figure approaching.  As you get closer you realise it is not a figure at all...but a weeping mandarine.

To be continued...

* * *

Mmmmm, positive-relaxy times yeah? That's what ticky-tak is here for..........